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Eosin Y as a Direct Hydrogen‐Atom Transfer Photocatalyst for the Functionalization of C−H Bonds
Angewandte Chemie International Edition  (IF15.336),  Pub Date : 2018-05-16, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201803220
Xuan-Zi Fan,Jia-Wei Rong,Hao-Lin Wu,Quan Zhou,Hong-Ping Deng,Jin Da Tan,Cheng-Wen Xue,Li-Zhu Wu,Hai-Rong Tao,Jie Wu

Eosin Y, a well‐known economical alternative to metal catalysts in visible‐light‐driven single‐electron transfer‐based organic transformations, can behave as an effective direct hydrogen‐atom transfer catalyst for C−H activation. Using the alkylation of C−H bonds with electron‐deficient alkenes as a model study revealed an extremely broad substrate scope, enabling easy access to a variety of important synthons. This eosin Y‐based photocatalytic hydrogen‐atom transfer strategy is promising for diverse functionalization of a wide range of native C−H bonds in a green and sustainable manner.