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Single‐Crystal Graphene Wafers: Epitaxial Growth of 6 in. Single‐Crystalline Graphene on a Cu/Ni (111) Film at 750 °C via Chemical Vapor Deposition (Small 22/2019)
Small  (IF15.153),  Pub Date : 2019-05-29, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201970120
Xuefu Zhang,Tianru Wu,Qi Jiang,Huishan Wang,Hailong Zhu,Zhiying Chen,Ren Jiang,Tianchao Niu,Zhuojun Li,Youwei Zhang,Zhijun Qiu,Guanghui Yu,Ang Li,Shan Qiao,Haomin Wang,Qingkai Yu,Xiaoming Xie

Single‐crystal graphene wafers (SCGWs) are an essential requirement for graphene's scalable utilization in electronics' circuits. In article number 1805395, Xiaoming Xie and co‐workers grow high quality 6 in. SCGWs by chemical vapor deposition on a unique (111) Cu85Ni15 substrate at 750 °C, taking advantage of the ultra‐flat single crystalline Cu/Ni substrate and nickel's high catalytic power.