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Epitaxial Growth of 6 in. Single‐Crystalline Graphene on a Cu/Ni (111) Film at 750 °C via Chemical Vapor Deposition
Small  (IF15.153),  Pub Date : 2019-04-03, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201805395
Xuefu Zhang,Tianru Wu,Qi Jiang,Huishan Wang,Hailong Zhu,Zhiying Chen,Ren Jiang,Tianchao Niu,Zhuojun Li,Youwei Zhang,Zhijun Qiu,Guanghui Yu,Ang Li,Shan Qiao,Haomin Wang,Qingkai Yu,Xiaoming Xie

The future electronic application of graphene highly relies on the production of large‐area high‐quality single‐crystal graphene. However, the growth of single‐crystal graphene on different substrates via either single nucleation or seamless stitching is carried out at a temperature of 1000 °C or higher. The usage of this high temperature generates a variety of problems, including complexity of operation, higher contamination, metal evaporation, and wrinkles owing to the mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients between the substrate and graphene. Here, a new approach for the fabrication of ultraflat single‐crystal graphene using Cu/Ni (111)/sapphire wafers at lower temperature is reported. It is found that the temperature of epitaxial growth of graphene using Cu/Ni (111) can be reduced to 750 °C, much lower than that of earlier reports on catalytic surfaces. Devices made of graphene grown at 750 °C have a carrier mobility up to ≈9700 cm2 V−1 s−1 at room temperature. This work shines light on a way toward a much lower temperature growth of high‐quality graphene in single crystallinity, which could benefit future electronic applications.