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Journeys from quantum optics to quantum technology
Progress in Quantum Electronics  (IF12.25),  Pub Date : 2017-08-01, DOI: 10.1016/j.pquantelec.2017.07.002
Stephen M. Barnett, Almut Beige, Artur Ekert, Barry M. Garraway, Christoph H. Keitel, Viv Kendon, Manfred Lein, Gerard J. Milburn, Héctor M. Moya-Cessa, Mio Murao, Jiannis K. Pachos, G. Massimo Palma, Emmanuel Paspalakis, Simon J.D. Phoenix, Benard Piraux, Martin B. Plenio, Barry C. Sanders, Jason Twamley, A. Vidiella-Barranco, M.S. Kim

Sir Peter Knight is a pioneer in quantum optics which has now grown to an important branch of modern physics to study the foundations and applications of quantum physics. He is leading an effort to develop new technologies from quantum mechanics. In this collection of essays, we recall the time we were working with him as a postdoc or a PhD student and look at how the time with him has influenced our research.