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Ino80 is required for H2A.Z eviction from hypha-specific promoters and hyphal development of Candida albicans
Molecular Microbiology  (IF3.979),  Pub Date : 2022-06-17, DOI: 10.1111/mmi.14954
Qun Zhao, Baodi Dai, Hongyu Wu, Wencheng Zhu, Jiangye Chen

ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes play important roles in many essential cellular processes, including transcription regulation, DNA replication, and repair. Evicting H2A.Z, a variant of histone H2A, from the promoter of hypha-specific genes is required for hyphal formation in Candida albicans. However, the mechanism that regulates H2A.Z removal during hyphal formation remains unknown. In this study, we demonstrated that Ino80, the core catalytic subunit of the INO80 complex, was recruited to hypha-specific promoters during hyphal induction in Arp8 dependent manner and facilitated the removal of H2A.Z. Deleting INO80 or mutating the ATPase site of Ino80 impairs the expression of hypha-specific genes (HSGs) and hyphal development. In addition, we showed that Ino80 was essential for the virulence of C. albicans during systemic infections in mice. Interestingly, Arp5, an INO80 complex-specific component, acts in concert with Ino80 during DNA damage responses but is dispensable for hyphal induction. Our findings clarified that Ino80 was critical for hyphal development, DNA damage response, and pathogenesis in C. albicans.