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Single pixel imaging based on large capacity spatial multiplexing metasurface
Nanophotonics  (IF7.923),  Pub Date : 2022-05-27, DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2022-0103
Jingxiao Yan, Yongtian Wang, Yin Liu, Qunshuo Wei, Xue Zhang, Xin Li, Lingling Huang

Single pixel imaging as an alternative to traditional imaging methods, has attracted extensive attention in various research fields. Metasurfaces with subwavelength unit cells and compact footprint can be used as a substitute for traditional optical elements. In this work, we propose a single pixel imaging scheme based on metasurface composed of photon sieves, where spatial modulation is realized through shifting. Spatial multiplexing capability is demonstrated by this shifting mode, which can obtain more patterns in limited space and greatly increase the mask capacity. Benefited from the simple structure and easy manufacture of photon sieves, large capacity metasurface can be manufactured. Meanwhile, metasurfaces can simplify the single pixel imaging system, leading to the system miniaturization and integration. In addition, numerical and optical experiments prove that our proposal can operate at the range from the entire visible light to near-infrared light. Such scheme provides a new way for single pixel imaging and would be applied in microscopic imaging, dynamic imaging, hyperspectral imaging, and so on.