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Parenting Behaviors and Family Conflict as Predictors of Adolescent Sleep and Bedtime Media Use
Journal of Youth and Adolescence  (IF5.625),  Pub Date : 2022-04-27, DOI: 10.1007/s10964-022-01614-4
Heather Leonard, Atika Khurana

Inadequate sleep in adolescents has been linked to an increase in screen-based media use, especially at bedtime. Parents can play a critical role in regulating adolescent media use and promoting healthy sleep, yet few studies have evaluated parental effects on these outcomes. This study examined the effects of general and media-specific parenting behaviors and family conflict on adolescent sleep outcomes, both directly and indirectly through bedtime media use. Data were collected from 345 middle-schoolers (Mage = 12.65 ± 0.67 years; 47% female; 59% White) at two time points, six months apart. The findings revealed that parental involvement had a significant positive effect on sleep duration that was mediated by bedtime media use. Family conflict had a direct positive effect on daytime sleepiness. Adolescent sleep interventions could benefit from a parenting component focused on positive involvement and fostering a family climate conducive to sleep.