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Clinical science can address rising eating disorder psychopathology during the COVID-19 pandemic: Comment on Gruber et al. (2020).
American Psychologist  (IF16.358),  Pub Date : 2022-03-31, DOI: 10.1037/amp0000765
Kara A. Christensen, Kelsey E. Hagan, Kelsie T. Forbush

Eating disorders (EDs) are serious psychiatric disorders that affect 13%–18% of young men and women. EDs are associated with substantial psychiatric and medical morbidity and mortality, indicating a critical need for improved identification and treatment. Despite the relatively high prevalence and severity of EDs, they are often omitted from discussions of mental health. This comment is in response to Gruber et al. (2020), who wrote an important article on the challenges and opportunities facing clinical scientists in the time of COVID-19. Our response extends Gruber et al.’s article by noting additional challenges facing people with an ED during COVID-19 and recognizing opportunities for improved evidence-based assessment and treatment of this important population.