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A new intumescent insulation emergency material for thermal protection of storage tanks –potassium polyacrylate & organic modified hectorite & intumescent flame retardant
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries  (IF3.66),  Pub Date : 2022-01-20, DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2022.104735
Weilun Xie, Feng Zhang, Shuang Li, Liping Xing, Yulong Zhu, Jiaji Cheng, Yunfei Cheng, Zhenrui Gao

Thermal protection of adjacent equipment such as chemical storage tanks is very important when a fire accident occurs. In this paper, a new intumescent insulation emergency material, potassium polyacrylate & organically modified hectorite & intumescent flame retardant (PPHI), was prepared successfully. The material was characterized by Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS). Thermal insulation performance and thermal stability of the material were studied by cone calorimeter, fire resistance test, scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM/EDS), and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), respectively. The results showed that thermal insulation performance of PPHI was the best when the addition content of intumescent flame retardant (IFR) reached 0.54 wt%. The morphology and structures by SEM gave positive evidence that char layers formed from the PPHI composites were improved greatly due to the addition of intumescent flame retardant. Finally, a possible thermal insulation mechanism of PPHI was presented.