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Adult social care training for newly-qualified doctors from general medical practice: A pilot project, doctors and social workers learning together
Social Work Education  (IF),  Pub Date : 2022-01-11, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2021.2021170
L. Allain, L. Bell, E. Carter, H. Hingley-Jones


This article reports findings from a pilot project evaluation, involving workshops for newly qualified doctors training as general practitioners (GPs). The learning project, designed as part of GP training programmes in one English city, focused on strengthening newly qualified doctors’ knowledge of social work practice in adult social care. The evaluation reported here used pre- and post-workshop questionnaires and GP and social worker participants’ discussions, presenting quantitative questionnaire data (from Phase one) and qualitative discussion data (from Phase Two). GP trainees from eight programme sites (n = 221) took part in Phase One; in Phase two, GP trainees were joined by 13 social workers from local adult social care teams. We gathered data about trainees’ prior experience and training, pre- and post-workshop levels of knowledge confidence and attitudes towards working with social workers/others in adult social care, including knowledge of the Care Act 2014 requirements (including prevention and reduction of the need for care where this is possible and safe). Overall findings demonstrate that this workshop training impacted positively on knowledge and understanding gained by trainee GPs in key areas including knowledge of social care referral routes, adult safeguarding and reciprocal roles of adult social workers and GPs.