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A time-series effect of phytase supplementation on phosphorus utilization in growing and finishing pigs fed a low-phosphorus diet
Journal of Animal Science  (IF3.159),  Pub Date : 2022-01-03, DOI: 10.1093/jas/skab350
Olufemi Oluwaseun Babatunde, Olayiwola Adeola

Two experiments were carried out to determine a time-series effect of phytase on phosphorus (P) utilization in growing and finishing pigs using growth performance, apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of nutrients, P excretion, and plasma concentrations of minerals as the response criteria for evaluation. In both experiments, treatments were arranged as a 3 × 4 factorial in a randomized complete block design with 3 corn–soybean meal-based diets including a P-adequate positive control (PC), a low-P negative control (NC; no inorganic P), and NC supplemented with phytase at 1,000 FYT/kg (NC + 1,000); and 4 sampling time points at days 7, 14, 21, and 28 in experiment 1, and days 14, 26, 42, and 55 in experiment 2. In both trials, 96 growing pigs with average body weight (BW) of 19.8 ± 1.16 and 49.8 ± 3.21 kg, respectively, were allocated to the 3 diets with 8 replicates pens (4 barrows and 4 gilts) and 4 pigs per pen. In experiment 1, pigs fed the PC had higher (P < 0.01) BW, average daily gain (ADG), average daily feed intake (ADFI), and gain-to-feed ratio (G:F) when compared with pigs fed the NC. There was an interaction (P < 0.01) between time and diet on the BW and ADG of pigs while a linear and quadratic increase (P < 0.01) was observed with the ADFI and G:F, respectively, over time. Phytase supplementation improved (P < 0.01) all growth performance responses. Pigs fed the PC had greater (P < 0.01) ATTD of P and Ca than pigs fed the NC. There was no interaction effect on the ATTD of nutrients. Phytase addition improved the ATTD of P and Ca over pigs fed the NC. There was an interaction (P < 0.01) between diet and time on the total and water-soluble P (WSP) excreted. There was a quadratic decrease (P < 0.01) in plasma concentration of Ca in pigs over time. In experiment 2, there was a quadratic increase (P < 0.01) in BW, ADG, and G:F of pigs over time. Similarly, the inclusion of phytase improved (P < 0.05) all growth performance parameters except ADFI. A linear increase (P < 0.05) in the ATTD of DM, P, and Ca occurred over time. Phytase inclusion improved (P < 0.01) the ATTD of P and Ca. Plasma concentrations of P were improved by phytase addition. Phytase supplementation of the NC reduced WSP excretion by 45%, 32%, and 35% over the growing, finishing, and entire grow-finish period, respectively. In conclusion, phytase improves the utilization of P in growing and finishing pigs; however, the magnitude of effect on responses may vary over time.