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Explosion hazard and prevention of Al–Ni mechanical alloy powders
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries  (IF3.66),  Pub Date : 2021-12-14, DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2021.104714
Haipeng Jiang, Mingshu Bi, Jiankan Zhang, Fengqi Zhao, Jiaying Wang, Fang Sun, Qiuping Xiao, Wei Gao

Al–Ni mechanical alloys containing nickel are synthesized to explore the explosion hazard of fuel additives in energetic formulations in this study. Explosion severity and ignition sensitivity of Al and Al–Ni powders are measured. The results show that as the nickel content increases, the synthesizing heat of Ni-aluminide will firstly increase, and then decrease, which may also make the explosion severity of aluminum powder increase firstly and then decrease accordingly. The powder's sensitivity to electrostatic ignition will grow as the nickel content increases. As the nickel content increases from 0 to 17%, the average activation energy of Al–Ni powder decreases by 77.5%. The increase of ignition energy mainly affects the flame propagation, but with few effects on the process of Al–Ni combustion. Therefore, as the ignition energy increases, the explosion severity of the Al and Al–Ni powders decreases slightly. For safety's sake, the production and storage devices must be inert, and the concentration of oxygen should be less than 5%.