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High-precision closed-loop tracking of moving targets based on rotational double prisms
Optical Engineering  (IF1.084),  Pub Date : 2021-11-01, DOI: 10.1117/1.oe.60.11.114107
Liangzhu Yuan, Jinying Li, Yongmei Huang, Rongqi Ma, Jianliang Shi, Qiang Wang, Piao Wen, Haotong Ma, Ming Li, Zihao Wang

Characterized by its compact structure and fast response, the rotational double prisms system is broadly applicable for high-precision pointing and tracking. In particular, closed-loop tracking technology based on an image detector can overcome beam deflection errors caused by prism parameter and target-guiding errors. However, the rotations of each prism affect beam deflection angles in both the x- and y-directions by different amounts in different areas. Therefore, aimed at this problem of the tracking error being coupled to the rotation angle of the two prisms, we proposed a real-time sector selection closed-loop tracking method by inputting error value feedback from the detector and outputting the adjustment values of the prisms. This method can simultaneously close-loop the error signal in two directions and is not limited by the target distance. We established a test platform to verify the proposed method. The test results showed that the proposed method can continuously track moving targets across different areas of a field of view for an extended period. When the maximum moving speed of the target was 0.32 deg / s, the root mean square tracking error of the noncentral area was <1 arcsec. The simulated and experimental results confirmed the effectiveness of this method.