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Predicting supervisor and student competency ratings from a developmental assessment center: A longitudinal validation study
Journal of Vocational Behavior  (IF6.065),  Pub Date : 2021-11-28, DOI: 10.1016/j.jvb.2021.103666
Vanessa L. Sturre, Jeromy Anglim, Kathryn von Treuer, Tess Knight, Arlene Walker

The current study examined the ability of a developmental assessment center to support and predict professional competency development in a vocational education context. A longitudinal study was conducted where graduate organizational psychology students (N = 157 students and 501 placements) completed a developmental assessment center at the beginning of their degree, along with measures of Big Five personality and self-efficacy. Their performance was then assessed throughout the degree in three or four separate work placements using student and placement supervisor ratings. Both assessment center and placement ratings assessed students on seven work-relevant competencies. Competence developed linearly over placements with student-rated competency lower than supervisor-rated competency at the first placement but with these differences disappearing by the final placement. Consistent with the students undergoing a period of rapid professional development and principles of dynamic validity, the predictive validity of assessment center performance declined over time. The research also presents a rich picture of how competency ratings converge across raters and develop at different rates. The research provides novel longitudinal evidence regarding how objective competence and self-confidence are developed in a professional educational setting. It also shows how developmental assessment centers can be implemented within professional educational training to support career development.