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Physical isolation and safety behaviour among oil and gas workers in Kuwait: The mediating role of mental health
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries  (IF3.66),  Pub Date : 2021-11-27, DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2021.104692
Anwar S. Alroomi, Sherif Mohamed


This paper examines direct and mediation relations among physical isolation variables (social isolation and loneliness), mental health (anxiety and depression), and safety behaviour (safety compliance and safety participation).


A cross-sectional study with data were collected by means of a questionnaire among oil and gas workers (foreign employees working at a remote oil and gas field site located in Kuwait), during a 3-month period (from October 2018 to December 2018). Regression analyses (bivariate and hierarchical), carried out on 387 responses, were employed to test the hypothesised model relating physical isolation variables, mental health, and safety behaviour.


The results provide support for the direct relations for the model, in that both social isolation and loneliness predicted both types of safety behaviour (compliance and participation). Further, the results provide partial support for the mediation relations for the model, as mental health was found to be a mediator of the relationship between loneliness and safety behaviour.


Physical isolation variables have negative effect on safety behaviour, while mental health can operate as risk factors. The implications of these results for physical isolation, mental health issues and/or safety behaviour interventions in the industry are discussed.