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455-nm tunable narrow linewidth Q-switched frequency-doubled Cr:LiSAF laser
Optical Engineering  (IF1.084),  Pub Date : 2021-11-01, DOI: 10.1117/1.oe.60.11.116105
Kunpeng Luan, Yanlong Shen, Li Yu, Ke Huang, Aiping Yi, Jianmin Zhang, Guobin Feng

We present a narrow linewidth frequency-doubled Cr:LiSAF laser with a 450- to 460-nm tunability and maximum repetition frequency (RF) of 63 kHz. Under a pump power of ∼900 mW, the fundamental wavelength could be tuned at the range of 883 to 1020 nm, with a maximum output power of 180 mW at 910 nm. The pulsed operation was achieved by using an acousto-optical modulator. An LBO crystal was adopted for intra-cavity frequency doubling and a maximum output power of 44.8 mW was obtained at 455 nm, indicating a slope efficiency of 11.2%. The spectral linewidth was <0.1 nm in the whole tuning range.