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The Gillenia trifoliata genome reveals dynamics correlated with growth and reproduction in Rosaceae
Horticulture Research  (IF6.793),  Pub Date : 2021-11-01, DOI: 10.1038/s41438-021-00662-4
Hilary S. Ireland, Chen Wu, Cecilia H. Deng, Elena Hilario, Ali Saei, Sylvia Erasmuson, Ross N. Crowhurst, Karine M. David, Robert J. Schaffer, David Chagné

The Rosaceae family has striking phenotypic diversity and high syntenic conservation. Gillenia trifoliata is sister species to the Maleae tribe of apple and ~1000 other species. Gillenia has many putative ancestral features, such as herb/sub-shrub habit, dry fruit-bearing and nine base chromosomes. This coalescence of ancestral characters in a phylogenetically important species, positions Gillenia as a ‘rosetta stone’ for translational science within Rosaceae. We present genomic and phenological resources to facilitate the use of Gillenia for this purpose. The Gillenia genome is the first fully annotated chromosome-level assembly with an ancestral genome complement (x = 9), and with it we developed an improved model of the Rosaceae ancestral genome. MADS and NAC gene family analyses revealed genome dynamics correlated with growth and reproduction and we demonstrate how Gillenia can be a negative control for studying fleshy fruit development in Rosaceae.