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Scanning ultrafast electron microscopy reveals photovoltage dynamics at a deeply buriedp−Si/SiO2interface
Physical Review B  (IF4.036),  Pub Date : 2021-10-26, DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.104.l161303
S. R. Ellis, N. C. Bartelt, F. Léonard, K. C. Celio, E. J. Fuller, D. R. Hughart, D. Garland, M. J. Marinella, J. R. Michael, D. W. Chandler, B. Liao, A. A. Talin

The understanding and control of charge carrier interactions with defects at buried insulator/semiconductor interfaces is essential for achieving optimum performance in modern electronics. Here, we report on the use of scanning ultrafast electron microscopy (SUEM) to remotely probe the dynamics of excited carriers at a Si surface buried below a thick thermal oxide. Our measurements illustrate a previously unidentified SUEM contrast mechanism, whereby optical modulation of the space-charge field in the semiconductor modulates the electric field in the thick oxide, thus affecting its secondary electron yield. By analyzing the SUEM contrast as a function of time and laser fluence we demonstrate the diffusion mediated capture of excited carriers by interfacial traps.