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Coupled-channel meson-meson scattering in the diabatic framework
Physical Review D  (IF5.296),  Pub Date : 2021-10-21, DOI: 10.1103/physrevd.104.074025
R. Bruschini, P. González

We apply the diabatic framework, a QCD-based formalism for the unified study of quarkoniumlike systems in terms of heavy quark-antiquark and open-flavor meson-meson components, to the description of coupled-channel meson-meson scattering. For this purpose, we first introduce a numerical scheme to find the solutions of the diabatic Schrödinger equation for energies in the continuum, then we derive a general formula for calculating the meson-meson scattering amplitudes from these solutions. We thus obtain a completely nonperturbative procedure for the calculation of open-flavor meson-meson scattering cross sections from the diabatic potential, which is directly connected to lattice QCD calculations. A comprehensive analysis of various elastic cross sections for open-charm and open-bottom meson-meson pairs is performed in a wide range of the center-of-mass energies. The relevant structures are identified, showing a spectrum of quasiconventional and unconventional quarkoniumlike states. In addition to the customary Breit-Wigner peaks, we obtain nontrivial structures such as threshold cusps and minimums. Finally, our results are compared with existing data and with results from our previous bound-state–based analysis, finding full compatibility with both.