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State of the art on the ultrasonic-assisted removal of environmental pollutants using metal-organic frameworks
Journal of Hazardous Materials  (IF10.588),  Pub Date : 2021-10-21, DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2021.127558
Jafar Abdi, Abdollah Jamal Sisi, Masoud Hadipoor, Alireza Khataee

The environmental and health issues of drinking water and effluents released into nature are among the major area of contention in the past few decades. With the growth of ultrasound-based approaches in water and wastewater treatment, promising materials have also been considered to employ their advantages. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are among the porous materials that have received great attention from researchers in recent years. Features such as high porosity, large specific surface area, electronic properties like semi-conductivity, and the capacity to coordinate with the organic matter have resulted in a substantial increase in scientific researches. This work deals with a comprehensive review of the application of MOFs for ultrasonic-assisted pollutant removal from wastewater. In this regard, after considering features and synthesis methods of MOFs, the mechanisms of several ultrasound-based approaches including sonocatalysis, sonophotocatalysis, and sono-adsorption are well assessed for removal of different organic compounds by MOFs. These methods are compared with some other water treatment processes with the application of MOFs in the absence of ultrasound. Also, the main concern about MOFs including environmental hazards and water stability is fully discussed and some techniques are proposed to reduce hazardous effects of MOFs and improve stability in humid/aqueous environments. Economic aspects for the preparation of MOFs are evaluated and cost estimates for ultrasonic-assisted AOP approaches were provided. Finally, the future outlooks and the new frontiers of ultrasonic-assisted methods with the help of MOFs in global environmental pollutant removal are presented.