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A Carrier-Based Discontinuous PWM Strategy for T-Type Three-Level Converter With Reduced Common Mode Voltage, Switching Loss, and Neutral Point Voltage Control
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics  (IF6.153),  Pub Date : 2021-08-24, DOI: 10.1109/tpel.2021.3106767
Weidong Jiang, Haoran Jiang, Shengyu Liu, Shengzhi Ji, Jinping Wang

A novel carrier-based discontinuous pulsewidth modulation (CB_DPWM) strategy for T-type three-level converter is proposed in this article. Because one significant advantage of the proposed CB_DPWM is the reduction of common mode voltage (CMV), it is named as RCMV_CB_DPWM hereafter. It also can reduce switching loss and remove dc offset from the neutral point voltage (NPV) simultaneously. RCMV_CB_DPWM has two design freedoms, one is modulation wave and the other is carrier wave. By injecting zero sequence voltage properly, the corresponding clamping mode can be acquired. Moreover, reduced CMV can be achieved by arranging carrier wave flexibly. The integrity of RCMV_CB_DPWM is analyzed as well as its NPV self-equilibrium ability, and an active NPV control method is then introduced. Moreover, its realization is discussed briefly. Finally, the experiments are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.