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Influence of Thermal Stratification on the Structure and Evolution of the Martian Core
Geophysical Research Letters  (IF4.72),  Pub Date : 2021-10-19, DOI: 10.1029/2021gl095198
Sam Greenwood, Christopher J. Davies, Anne Pommier

The apparent end of the internally generated Martian magnetic field at 3.6–4.1 Ga is a key event in Martian history and has been linked to insufficient core cooling. We investigate the thermal and magnetic evolution of the Martian core and mantle using parameterized models and considered three improvements on previous studies. First, our models account for thermal stratification in the core. Second, the models are constrained by estimates for the present-day areotherm. Third, we consider core thermal conductivity, urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0001, values in the range 5–40 W urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0002 urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0003 as suggested by recent experiments on iron alloys at Mars core conditions. The majority of our models indicate that the core of Mars is fully conductive at present with core temperatures greater than 1940 K. All of our models are consistent with the range of urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0004 W urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0005 urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0006. Models with an activation volume of 6 (0) urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0007 urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0008 require a mantle reference viscosity of urn:x-wiley:00948276:media:grl63238:grl63238-math-0009 Pa s.