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General quantum Bernoulli factory: framework analysis and experiments
Quantum Science and Technology  (IF5.994),  Pub Date : 2021-09-30, DOI: 10.1088/2058-9565/ac2061
Yong Liu, Jiaqing Jiang, Pingyu Zhu, Dongyang Wang, Jiangfang Ding, Xiaogang Qiang, Anqi Huang, Ping Xu, Jialin Zhang, Guojing Tian, Xiang Fu, Mingtang Deng, Chunqing Wu, Xiaoming Sun, Xuejun Yang, Junjie Wu

The unremitting pursuit for quantum advantages gives rise to the discovery of a quantum-enhanced randomness processing named quantum Bernoulli factory (QBF). This quantum enhanced process can show its priority over the corresponding classical process through readily available experimental resources, thus in the near term it may be capable of accelerating the applications of classical Bernoulli factories, such as the widely used sampling algorithms. In this work, we provide the framework analysis of the QBF. We thoroughly analyze the quantum state evolution in this process, discovering the field structure of the constructible quantum states. Our framework analysis shows that naturally, the previous works can be described as specific instances of this framework. Then, as a proof of principle, we experimentally demonstrate this framework via an entangled two-photon source along with a reconfigurable photonic logic, and show the advantages of the QBF over the classical model through a classically infeasible instance. These results may stimulate the discovery of advantages of the quantum randomness processing in a wider range of tasks, as well as its potential applications.