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Anti-inflammatory effects of traditional chinese medicine ingredients based on nano-Strychnos liposomes for external skin application
Ferroelectrics  (IF0.62),  Pub Date : 2021-10-11, DOI: 10.1080/00150193.2021.1906131
Yongxia Dai, Yinghui Wang, Zheng Yang


Strychnos is an effective anti-tumor monomer with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-tumor and enhancing immunity. However, its clinical application is restricted due to its poor water solubility and toxicity. The key to the study of traditional Chinese medicine strychnine is to develop a new low toxicity and high efficiency formulation. Nano liposomes can effectively improve the transdermal absorption rate of the drug, prolong the action time of the drug, enhance the tissue targeting of the drug, so as to achieve the sustained-release effect. Therefore, this paper attempts to explore the anti-inflammatory effect of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients based on the skin topical nano Strychnos liposomes, and provide experimental and theoretical basis for the development of new transdermal formulations of nano Strychnos liposomes. In this paper, Strychnos was used as the research object, and the experimental results showed that Strychnos liposomes with good dispersion stability could be prepared by film ultrasonic method. Although the composite phospholipid liposome only contains 10% hydrogenated phospholipid liposome, its peroxide value is always far lower than that of soybean phospholipid liposome, so the antioxidant capacity of composite phospholipid liposome is higher than that of soybean phospholipid liposome. Nano liposomes have almost no anti-inflammatory effect, while ordinary Strychnos has poor analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects; nano Strychnos liposomes have considerable anti-inflammatory effect.