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The Moderating Effect of Management Review in Enhancing Software Reliability: A Partial Least Square Approach
Information Systems Frontiers  (IF6.191),  Pub Date : 2021-10-03, DOI: 10.1007/s10796-021-10209-6
Verma, Vibha, Tandon, Abhishek, Aggarwal, Anu G.

This paper investigates the attributes related to the software development process (SDP) that affect software reliability (SR). In addition, the impact of management review (MR) on SR during testing period is studied. An interactive path model is developed to examine interrelationships between SDP factors, MR and SR. Partial Least Square is used for examining the consistency of factors within the model and to test predictive validity based on the hypothesis developed for relationships among factors. The survey-based research study is conducted to validate the model by collecting data from software professionals working at different job positions. The statistical results reveal that there is a direct positive influence of SDP factors on SR and MR positively moderates the relation between testing and SR. This means that management’s frequent assessment of the testing process, together with better planning and execution of SDP components, improves SR.