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Cryptanalysis for double-image encryption using the DTLM in frequency plane with QR decomposition and gyrator transform
Optical Review  (IF0.89),  Pub Date : 2021-09-28, DOI: 10.1007/s10043-021-00705-0
Anshula, Singh, Hukum

To enhance the security in optical image encryption scheme and to safeguard it from the invaders, this paper proposes a new scheme using devil’s toroidal lens masks (DTLMs) and QR decomposition in gyrator transform (GT) domain. The proposed cryptosystem utilizes DTLMs which are the complex phase masks designed using the combination of a phases of devil’s mask (\({\rm DM})\) and toroidal mask \(\left({\rm TM}\right)\). QR is an operation used to decompose the matrix and is utilized to supersede the phase-truncation (PT) task in the traditional phase-truncated Fourier transform (PTFT). Hence, the proposed method is immune to the attacks to which the PTFT-based cryptosystems are vulnerable. The cryptosystem is asymmetric as both the encryption and decryption processes are different along with different encryption and decryption keys. The private keys produced during the encryption method are utilized in the decryption process to retrieve the original image. The decryption process can be realized with both the digital and the modified optical architecture. Recommended scheme strengthens the safety of DRPE by growing the key capacity and the number of parameters for safety and vigorous against diverse protection.