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A Class II TCP Transcription Factor PaTCP4 from Platanus acerifolia Regulates Trichome Formation in Arabidopsis
DNA and Cell Biology  (IF3.311),  Pub Date : 2021-10-11, DOI: 10.1089/dna.2021.0300
Changsheng Shao, Fangfang Cai, Jiaqi Zhang, Yanping Zhang, Zhiru Bao, Manzhu Bao

London plane tree is widely grown as a landscaping and street tree, but the release of its trichomes creates a serious air-borne pollution problem. Identifying the key genes that regulate the development of trichomes is, therefore, an important tool for the molecular breeding of Platanus acerifolia. In this study, a sequence homologous with the Arabidopsis Class II TCP subfamily was identified from London plane, and named PaTCP4. The expression of PaTCP4 was detected in various organs of London plane trees, significantly in the trichomes. Overexpression of PaTCP4 in Arabidopsis reduced the trichome density on the first pair of true leaves, and atypical 5-branched trichomes were also detected on those leaves. The expression of endogenous AtCPC and AtTCL2 was significantly increased in PaTCP4 transgenic lines, and was associated with a decrease in the expression of endogenous AtGL2. Furthermore, the expression of endogenous AtGL3 was significantly increased. In addition, the protein product of PaTCP4 was shown to directly activate AtCPC, AtTCL2, AtGL3, AtGIS, PaGIS, and PaGL3 in yeast one-hybrid assays and in the dual-luciferase reporter system. Taken together, these results identify a role for PaTCP4 in trichome initiation and branching in Arabidopsis. Thus, PaTCP4 represents a strong candidate gene for regulating the development of trichomes in London plane trees.