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A Generator of High-Voltage Bipolar Pulses
Instruments and Experimental Techniques  (IF0.573),  Pub Date : 2021-09-14, DOI: 10.1134/s0020441221050080
Lubkov, A. A., Kotov, V. N., Perebeinos, S. V., Zotov, A. A.


A generator of high-voltage bipolar pulses with adjustable values of the switching frequency (0–2000 Hz) and the output-voltage amplitude (300–3600 V) with the same magnitude for pulses of different polarities has been developed. The rise time of the output voltage pulses when operating into a capacitive load of 400 pF is no more than 3 μs. The asymmetry of the effective values of the pulse voltages of different polarities at switching frequencies of 0–200 Hz is no more than 0.02%. The generator provides synchronization of the moments of switching a high voltage with the operation of the video camera of a magnetograph and other devices. The generator can be used in various fields of experimental physics related to polarization measurements.