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Focusing of X-Rays with a Photon Energy of 9.5 keV by an Ellipsoid with a HOPG Crystal
Instruments and Experimental Techniques  (IF0.573),  Pub Date : 2021-09-14, DOI: 10.1134/s0020441221050134
Zhidkov, N. V., Pozdnyakov, E. V., Suslov, N. A.


The arrangement and results of full-power experiments on the Iskra-5 laser facility (the laser energy is 150 J, the pulse length is 0.3 ns, and the laser-radiation intensity on the target is 1.6 × 1015 W/cm2) on focusing of hard X rays from a laser-plasma source with a Ga target using an ellipsoid with a HOPG crystal are described. The design of an ellipsoid focus pointer is described that made it possible to create an X-ray source at the focus of the ellipsoid with an accuracy of no worse than 100 μm. Focusing X-ray radiation into a 1-mm-diameter spot in full-power experiments was achieved at a distance of 250 mm. An eighty-fold increase in the X-ray flux density with a photon energy of 9.5 keV was attained.