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Immunological effect of Moringa Oleifera leaf extract on vaccinated and non-vaccinated Hubbard chickens experimentally infected with Newcastle virus
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences  (IF4.219),  Pub Date : 2021-09-14, DOI: 10.1016/j.sjbs.2021.09.012
Hala Mohamed Nabil Tolba, Azza Abo Elmaaty, Gamelat Kotb Farag, Doaa A Mansou, Hend A Elakkad

In veterinary medicine plant based medicine is achieving a huge importance worldwide. This research was subjected to rectify the hydrophilic Moringa Oleifera alcoholic leaves extract could improve the immune system in vaccinated and non-vaccinated broiler Hubbard chickens experimentally exposed to Newcastle disease (ND) virus. Seventy five chicks with age one day old were splitted randomly into five groups equally in distribution with fifteen chick in each group. Group I was untreated unvaccinated (control negative group) while group IV was infected group with NDV (control positive group).The experimental Groups II and V were given daily oral treatment of hydrophilic alcoholic leaves extract of M. oleifera at 200 mg/kg body weight until day 21 of age while groups III and V were ND vaccinated with La Sota strain of ND vaccines .The four groups (II, III, IV, V) were infected with ND virus velogenic strain (VNDV) on day 21. Following to infection, Monitoring of birds were done daily for clinical signs, postmortem examination, morbidity and mortality. Cellular, humeral immune response and phagocytic activity were evaluated and the data were statistically analyzed using (SPSS). Total and differential cell numbers as well as Haemagglutination inhibition (HI) titre increased in the extract treated and vaccinated group which give total protection against NDV much more than treated and unvaccinated group. As a result it could be recommended to use M. Olifera extract from the first day of rearing in Hubbard chicken with ND vaccination program as a prophylactic treatment in protection of birds against ND infection.