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An Automatic Measurement Method of Test Beam Response Based on Spliced Images
Advances in Civil Engineering  (IF1.924),  Pub Date : 2021-09-14, DOI: 10.1155/2021/9915921
Dong Liang, Jing Liu, Lida Wang, Chenjing Liu, Jia Liu

Information such as cracks and deflections is the important basis for structural safety. Existing methods have not achieved simultaneous detection. In most existing computer vision measurement systems, the view is fixed due to the fixed position of the camera. Thus, it is difficult to obtain the structures’ overall crack and deflection information. An automatic response measurement method is proposed in this study including () continuous image acquisition and signal transmission system based on self-walking bracket and Internet of Things (IoT), () an image splicing method based on feature matching, and () a crack and deflection measurement method. The self-walking bracket allows the industrial camera to move at a fixed distance to obtain the continuous image of the beam. Next, the spliced image is obtained through the PCA-SIFT method with a screening mechanism. The cracks’ information is acquired by the dual network model. The simplified AKAZE feature detection algorithm and the modified RANSAC are used to track the natural features of the structures. The curve fitting is performed to obtain the deflection curve of the beam under different loads. Experimental results show that the method can directly reflect the crack and deflection information of the beam. The average deviation of width is 11.76%, average deviation of length is 8.18%, and the average deformation deviation is 4.50%, which verifies the practicability of the method and shows great potential to apply it in actual structures.