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Sulfide stress cracking inhibition of a supermartensitic stainless steel by using an imidazol obtained from palm oil
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials  (IF1.117),  Pub Date : 2021-09-13, DOI: 10.1108/acmm-03-2021-2454
Jose-Gonzalo Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Andres Carmona Hernandez, E. Vázquez-Vélez, A. Contreras-Cuevas, Jorge Uruchurtu Chavarin


This paper aims to use an imidazole-based n-ionic Gemini surfactant derived from palm oil to inhibit the sulfide stress corrosion cracking of a supermartensitic stainless steel.


The slow strain rate testing technique, hydrogen permeation tests and potentiodynamic polarization curves have been used.


Addition of the inhibitor below the critical micelle concentration (CMC) decreased the corrosion current density (icorr), but not enough to avoid embrittlement due to the entry of hydrogen into the steel. Instead, the addition of the inhibitor close to the CMC decreased the icorr, suppressed the entry of hydrogen and inhibited the sulfide stress cracking of steel. Finally, the addition of inhibitor above the CMC led to a slight increase of icorr and promoted localized corrosion, however, the sulfide stress cracking of steel was inhibited.


A green sulfide stress corrosion cracking inhibitor of a supermartensitic stainless steel has been obtained.