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Modified θ projection model-based constant-stress creep curve for alloy 690 steam generator tube material
Nuclear Engineering and Technology  (IF2.341),  Pub Date : 2021-09-08, DOI: 10.1016/
Seongin Moon, Jong-Min Kim, Joon-Yeop Kwon, Bong-Sang Lee, Kwon-Jae Choi, Min-Chul Kim, Sangbae Han

Steam generator (SG) tubes in a nuclear power plant can undergo rapid changes in pressure and temperature during an accident; thus, an accurate model to predict short-term creep damage is essential. The theta (θ) projection method has been widely used for modeling creep-strain behavior under constant stress. However, many creep test data are obtained under constant load, so creep rupture behavior under a constant load cannot be accurately simulated due to the different stress conditions. This paper proposes a novel methodology to obtain the creep curve under constant stress using a modified θ projection method that considers the increase in true stress during creep deformation in a constant-load creep test. The methodology is validated using finite element analysis, and the limitations of the methodology are also discussed. The paper also proposes a creep-strain model for alloy 690 as an SG material and a novel creep hardening rule we call the damage-fraction hardening rule. The creep hardening rule is applied to evaluate the creep rupture behavior of SG tubes. The results of this study show its great potential to evaluate the rupture behavior of an SG tube governed by creep deformation.