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Investigation on the thermal property of a hydroxide catalysis bonded cryogenic cavity
Classical and Quantum Gravity  (IF3.528),  Pub Date : 2021-08-27, DOI: 10.1088/1361-6382/ac1be8
Yanxia Ye, Yunlong Sun, Leilei He, Zhiyuan Wang, Jingxuan Zhang, Jialu Chang, Qiyue Wu, Fenglei Zhang, Zehuang Lu, Jie Zhang

Cryogenic ultra-stable Fabry–Perot cavity is one of the most promising reference cavities for laser stabilization. Here we investigate the thermal property of a hydroxide catalysis bonded silicon–sapphire hybrid cavity for 1064nm laser stabilization. The zero-thermal expansion temperature is measured to be 15.0 0.1 K, with a slope calculated to be 3 10−10K−2. A simulation model with a few micrometer thick silicon oxidation layer reproduces well the experimental results. The investigations on the thermal property of the hydroxide catalysis bonded components are important for the noise evaluation and optimization. This work would be valuable for the advanced cryogenic optics, and would be interested for researchers working on cryogenic ultra-stable lasers and cryogenic gravitational wave detectors.