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The influence of Islamic attributes on tourist satisfaction with pull motivation as an intervening variables
International Journal of Tourism Cities  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-08-30, DOI: 10.1108/ijtc-02-2021-0033
Hilda Monoarfa, Agus Rahayu, Fitranty Adirestuty, Rizuwan Abu Karim, Azlin Zanariah Bahtar, Zamzuri Ahmad Nazari, Nurazree Mahmud


The purpose of this study is to find out the level of influence of Islamic attributes and pull motivation to the satisfaction of Muslim tourists visiting Indonesia. Furthermore, this study may reveal where variables have a strong influence on the variable satisfaction of Muslim tourists. In addition, this study also wanted to know if Islamic attributes can influence the satisfaction of Muslim tourists with pull motivation as a moderating variable.


Using quantitative methods, this study analyzed the results of questionnaires that have been distributed to 200 Muslim tourist respondents who have visited Indonesia. To declare the hypotheses, the collected data were analyzed with structural equation modeling-partial least square using SmartPLS application version 3.2.7.


From this study, it was discovered that pull motivation has more effect on the satisfaction of Muslim tourists visiting Indonesia. Other results showed that both Islamic attributes and pull motivation simultaneously affect the satisfaction of Muslim tourists. Furthermore, Islamic attributes can affect pull motivation and pull motivation can also become an intermediary variable in bridging the impact of Islamic attributes on the satisfaction of Muslim tourists.

Research limitations/implications

The limitations of this study include the relatively small sample used and not yet taking foreign tourists as respondents. Besides that, you can also add several variables to complement this research in the future either as an intervening variable or a mediator variable.

Practical implications

To increase the satisfaction of Muslim tourists traveling to Indonesia, policymakers in Indonesia must further improve the facilities of the pull motivation aspect such as the cleanliness of tourist attractions, exotic locations and hygienic shopping centers. In addition, aspects of Islamic attributes must also be updated, such as aspects of adequate worship facilities and tourist attractions that apply the concept of halal for Muslims.


The originality of this study on the pull motivation variable as an intervening variable and adding the Islamic attribute variable in the case of Muslim tourist satisfaction.