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Energetic, exergetic, exergoeconomic, environmental (4E) and sustainability performances of an unmanned aerial vehicle micro turbojet engine
Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology  (IF0.975),  Pub Date : 2021-08-20, DOI: 10.1108/aeat-03-2021-0088
Ozgur Balli, Alper Dalkıran, Tahir Hikmet Karakoç


This study aims to investigate the aviation, energetic, exergetic, environmental, sustainability and exergoeconomic performances of a micro turbojet engine used in unmanned aerial vehicles at four different modes.


The engine data were collected from engine test cell. The engine performance calculations were performed for four different operation modes.


According to the results, maximum energy and exergy efficiency were acquired as 19.19% and 18.079% at Mode 4. Total cost rate was calculated as 6.757 $/h at Mode-1, which varied to 10.131 $/h at Mode-4. Exergy cost of engine power was observed as 0.249 $/MJ at Mode-1, which decreased to 0.088 $/MJ at Mode-4 after a careful exergoeconomic analysis.


The novelty of this work is the capability to serve as a guide for similar systems with a detailed approach in the thermodynamic, thermoeconomic and environmental assessments by prioritizing efficiency, fuel consumption and cost formation. This investigation intends to establish a design of the opportunities and benefits that the thermodynamic approach provides to turbojet engine systems.