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Exploring the link between free and open source software and the collaborative economy: A Delphi-based scenario for the year 2025
Technological Forecasting and Social Change  (IF8.593),  Pub Date : 2021-08-19, DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2021.121087
Eloísa Menéndez-Caravaca, Salvador Bueno, M. Dolores Gallego

Despite the growth experienced by the Collaborative Economy in recent years, there are still unexplored gaps within this phenomenon. One of the areas of study with scarce literature is linked with the impact of the Information and Communication Technologies based on collaborative environments, such as Free and Open Source Software, on the spread of the Collaborative Economy. Some questions are raised, such as: (1) To what extent do organizations linked with Collaborative Economy make use of Free and Open Source Software?, (2) What are the incentives that motivate the implementation of Free and Open Source Software in Collaborative Economy companies?, (3) What use do Collaborative Economy companies give to Free and Open Source Software?, and (4) Is there a greater use of Free and Open Source Software expected for the coming years among these organizations? To answer these questions, a study based on the Delphi method has been designed. To this end, a panel of 15 high-level experts in the field was formed. From the consensus of the experts, a significant role for Free and Open Source Software in the different collaborative components and industries is evident, with the current levels practically being maintained by the year 2025.