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Classification of advanced methods for evaluating neurotoxicity
Molecular & Cellular Toxicology  (IF1.08),  Pub Date : 2021-08-18, DOI: 10.1007/s13273-021-00161-6
Han, Kyung-Seok, Woo, Dong Ho

Purpose of review

As fields such as neurotoxicity evaluation and neuro-related drug research are increasing in popularity, there is a demand for the expansion of neurotoxicity research. Currently, neurotoxicity is assessed by measuring changes in weight and behavior. However, measurement of such changes does not allow the detection of subtle and inconspicuous neurotoxicity. In this review, methods for advancing neurotoxicity research are divided into molecule-, cell-, circuit-, and animal model-based methods, and the results of previous studies assessing neurotoxicity are provided and discussed.

Recent findings

In coming decades, cooperation between universities, national research institutes, industrial research institutes, governments, and the private sector will become necessary when identifying alternative methods for neurotoxicity evaluation, which is a current goal related to improving neurotoxicity assessment and an appropriate approach to neurotoxicity prediction. Many methods for measuring neurotoxicity in the field of neuroscience have recently been reported. This paper classifies the supplementary and complementary experimental measures for evaluating neurotoxicity.