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Use of feline herpesvirus as a vaccine vector offers alternative applications for feline health
Veterinary Microbiology  (IF3.293),  Pub Date : 2021-08-16, DOI: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2021.109210
Ellen Cottingham, Thurid Johnstone, Carol A. Hartley, Joanne M. Devlin

Herpesviruses are attractive vaccine vector candidates due to their large double stranded DNA genome and latency characteristics. Within the scope of veterinary vaccines, herpesvirus-vectored vaccines have been well studied and commercially available vectored vaccines are used to help prevent diseases in different animal species. Felid alphaherpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) has been characterised as a vector candidate to protect against a range of feline pathogens. In this review we highlight the methods used to construct FHV-1 based vaccines and their outcomes, while also proposing alternative uses for FHV-1 as a viral vector.