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Beta-glucans is a potential inhibitor of ovarian cancer: based on molecular and biological aspects.
Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  (IF2.837),  Pub Date : 2021-08-09, DOI: 10.2174/1389201022666210810090728
Fatemeh Sadoughi,Zatollah Asemi,Jamal Hallajzadeh,Mohammad Ali Mansournia,Bahman Yousefi

Ovarian cancer is a lethal type of cancer which is initiated in the ovaries and affects 1 out of every 75 women. Due to the high number of deaths (almost 152,000) related to this cancer, it seems that novel effiecient therapeutic methods are required in this field. Beta-glucans are a type of glucose linear polymers which have proven to have a lot of advantageous activities. Recently, investigations have declared that these polysaccharides have the potential to be used as anti-cancer drugs. These agents are able to affect several mechanisms such as inflammation and apoptosis and that is how cancers are prone to be affected by them. In this review, we attempt to investigate the role of beta-glucans on ovarian cancer. We hope that this paper might give novel insights in the field of ovarian cancer treatment.