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The Roles of Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metals in the Materials Design and Development for Hydrogen Storage
Accounts of Materials Research  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-08-10, DOI: 10.1021/accountsmr.1c00048
Teng He, Hujun Cao, Ping Chen

Hydrogen storage for onboard applications has been recognized as a grand challenge for the large-scale implementation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Tremendous research efforts have thus been devoted to the design and development of hydrides of lightweight elements (HLEs). A prominent feature of these materials is the indispensable ingredient of alkali/alkaline earth cations. Alkali alkaline earth metals (AMs) are highly reactive and have a rich coordination chemistry. As a matter of fact, an AM cation can form a complete range of compounds with hydrogenous anions, such as H, [NH2], [BH4], [AlH4], [NH2BH3], [TMHX], [R-CH2–NH], [R-CH2–O], etc., and, thus, tune the Al–H, N–H, B–H, and C–H bond strengths for hydrogen storage.