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Bank’s battle against insider frauds ignitors and mitigators: an emerging nation experience
Journal of Facilities Management  (IF),  Pub Date : 2021-08-03, DOI: 10.1108/jfm-04-2020-0021
Neha Chhabra Roy, Sankarshan Basu


Banks are exposed to many challenges to name a few i.e. growing market competition, political environment, market forces of demand and supply, technological changes, frauds and poor management. The banking sector devasted experiences of fraud have impacted all facets of the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. In continuation, this study aims to revolve around themes of different types of frauds, especially insider frauds that have gained mainstream attention in recent major value fraud events with prominent Indian banks. This study will identify the types and drivers of insider frauds.


The methodology opted for the study is through confidential primary survey and focused group discussion with risk officers of banks who are associated with Indian banks for more than three years, further to understand the relation between type of Insider frauds and originating drivers were paired based on the principal component analysis.


Finally, the paper concludes with the conceptual mitigation framework for different types of insider fraud and driver pairs within the scope of this paper. This paper thought will support policymakers of the Indian banking system to create a more robust environment within the banking system via timely detection of frauds so that up to an extent it can be squared before it appears.


The study is innovative in the area of banks’ internal fraud management, where original data collected through a primary survey contributes to the conclusion of fraud management for various Indian banks.