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Enabling the fabrication of advanced NiCo/Bi alkaline battery via MOF-hydrolyzing derived cathode and anode
Materials Today Physics  (IF9.298),  Pub Date : 2021-08-05, DOI: 10.1016/j.mtphys.2021.100499
H. Mei, H. Zhang, Y. Bai, K. Zhang, Z. Li, J. Gao, Y. Zhang, L. Zhang, B. Xu, D. Sun

Rechargeable alkaline battery is a potential high-powered next-generation electrochemical energy storage equipment. However, the inferior energy density, compare with other electrochemical energy technologies, restrict its further practical applications. To address this, the rational design and optimization of electrode is of significance. Herein, we demonstrate the construction of high energy density NiCo/Bi alkaline battery by controllable MOF hydrolysis. Specifically, the hydrolysis conversion of Bi-MOF into Bi2O3 is performed on a large scale for the first time. The obtained flower-like Bi2O3 present large specific capacity, excellent rate capability and stable cycles life. And a series of ex-situ characterizations were employed to trace the phase transformation and morphological changes in charge-discharge. Meanwhile, Ni/Co layered double hydroxide hierarchical microspheres were also prepared via the hydrolysis of bimetallic Ni/Co-MOF. Furthermore, the assembled NiCo//Bi alkaline battery based on NiCo-LDH cathode and Bi2O3 anode perform a high energy density of 84.9 Wh/kg at 1600 W/kg, indicating its potential in practical applications.