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NDR/LATS-family protein kinase genes are indispensable for embryogenesis in Arabidopsis
FEBS Open Bio  (IF2.693),  Pub Date : 2021-07-28, DOI: 10.1002/2211-5463.13257
Hyuk Sung Yoon, Kaien Fujino, Shenkui Liu, Tetsuo Takano, Daisuke Tsugama

NDR/LATS-family protein kinases are conserved among eukaryotes. These protein kinases in yeast and animals phosphorylate specific targets and regulate the cell cycle. Arabidopsis thaliana has eight NDR/LATS-family protein kinase genes (NDR1-8), of which NDR2, NDR4, and NDR5 are involved in regulating pollen development. However, the functions of the other NDR/LATS-family protein kinase genes in plants are unclear. Here, we show that three putative phosphorylation sites of an Arabidopsis basic leucine zipper transcription factor, VIP1, correspond to NDR/LATS-family protein kinase phosphorylation motifs and that two of these three sites are phosphorylated by NDR2, NDR3, or NDR8 in vitro. Expression of NDR1-8 was detected in various tissues. An NDR4 NDR6 NDR7 NDR8 quadruple mutation caused embryonic lethality These results suggest that different NDR/LATS-family protein kinases in plants have distinct physiological roles.