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Reasons to Pretend Orgasm, Mate Retention, and Relationship Satisfaction in Brazilian Women
Evolutionary Psychology  (IF1.506),  Pub Date : 2021-07-26, DOI: 10.1177/14747049211032939
Mariana C. Biermann, Mariana G. Farias, Glysa O. Meneses, Guilherme S. Lopes, Todd K. Shackelford

We investigated the relationship between Brazilian women’s reported reasons for pretending orgasm, their performance of mate retention behaviors, and their relationship satisfaction. Additionally, we secured evidence of the validity and reliability of a Brazilian-Portuguese adaptation of the Reasons to Pretend Orgasm Inventory (RPOI). Participants were 295 Brazilian women in a heterosexual relationship (Mage = 24.9 years, SDage = 5.4 years). Participants completed a Brazilian-Portuguese adaptation of the Mate Retention Inventory-Short Form, and the translated RPOI (the Escala de Razões para Fingir Orgasmo; ERFO). The resulting 47-item ERFO represents well the original 63-item RPOI. The frequency with which Brazilian women pretend orgasm was negatively associated with their relationship satisfaction. Our sample size may not be sufficient to detect small effects. In addition, due to the exploratory nature of the study, the results should be interpreted with caution and future research may attempt to replicate these findings with larger samples and in other countries.