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Effect of alternative mechanochemical method on modified bismuth titanate
Ferroelectrics Letters Section  (IF0.96),  Pub Date : 2021-07-21, DOI: 10.1080/07315171.2021.1923118


Bi4 – x La x Ti3O12 (BiLT, x = 0.60–1.00) ceramics have been successfully synthesized by the alternative mechanochemical method and investigated their structural, microstructure, dielectric, and ferroelectric properties. Based on thermal stability of synthesized samples, compounds were calcined at 750 °C. No secondary phase is observed in the powder X-ray diffraction patterns. Plate-like shape with enhanced density is seen in the scanning electron microscope micrographs. EDAX pattern confirmed the chemical composition of samples. Prepared ceramic sample had relatively appreciable remanent polarization value (≈14.5 µC/cm2) at room temperature. Microstructure significantly influenced the dielectric and ferroelectric properties of the modified BiT ceramics. Synthesized compounds explored desirable electronic properties for innovative ferroelectric-based device applications.