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A Surrogate Model-Based Hybrid Approach for Stochastic Robust Double Row Layout Problem
Mathematics  (IF2.258),  Pub Date : 2021-07-21, DOI: 10.3390/math9151711
Xing Wan, Xing-Quan Zuo, Xin-Chao Zhao

The double row layout problem is to arrange a number of machines on both sides of a straight aisle so as to minimize the total material handling cost. Aiming at the random distribution of product demands, we study a stochastic robust double row layout problem (SR-DRLP). A mixed integer programming (MIP) model is established for SR-DRLP. A surrogate model is used to linearize the nonlinear term in the MIP to achieve a mixed integer linear programming model, which can be readily solved by an exact method to yield high-quality solutions (layouts) for small-scale SR-DRLPs. Furthermore, we propose a hybrid approach combining a local search and an exact approach (LS-EA) to solve large-scale SR-DRLPs. Firstly, a local search is designed to optimize the machine sequences on two rows and the clearance from the most left machine on row 1 to the left boundary. Then, the exact location of each machine is further optimized by an exact approach. The LS-EA is applied to six problem instances ranging from 8 to 50 machines. Experimental results show that the surrogate model is effective and LS-EA outperforms the comparison approaches.