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Highly sensitive ozone and hydrogen sensors based on perovskite microcrystals directly grown on electrodes
Journal of Materiomics  (IF6.425),  Pub Date : 2021-07-16, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmat.2021.07.002
Aikaterini Argyrou, Konstantinos Brintakis, Athanasia Kostopoulou, Emmanouil Gagaoudakis, Ioanna Demeridou, Vassilios Binas, George Kiriakidis, Emmanuel Stratakis

Highly-sensitive and stable ozone and hydrogen sensing elements were fabricated based on well-crystalline rounded cube-shaped CsPbBr3 microcrystals, synthesized by a facile solution process performed under ambient conditions. It is shown that such elements demonstrate enhanced room temperature gas sensing ability compared to the previously reported metal halide and oxide-based ones. Electrical measurements performed on these sensing components revealed high sensitivity to ultra-low ozone and hydrogen concentrations, namely 4 ppb and 1 ppm respectively, as well as a remarkable repeatability, even after a few months of storage in ambient conditions. Both ozone and hydrogen sensors were self-activated, as they did not require the use of UV or heating external stimuli to operate, and exhibited fast detection and short restoration times. All such attractive properties along with the simple fabrication process could provide an easy, efficient and low-cost technology for the realization of future gas sensing devices.