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The story of “Beat”: A concert program in kindergartens
International Journal of Music Education  (IF0.955),  Pub Date : 2021-07-06, DOI: 10.1177/02557614211029091
Hilla Ben Moshe, Claudia Gluschankof

Orchestras all over the world have concert programs in various formats for children, including some designed for preschoolers. Presenting concerts to children in kindergartens and schools is a long-standing tradition in Israel. The uniqueness of these programs and their main innovation is the preparatory work and process through which the children are prepared for the concert—which is the culmination of the whole process. This case study focuses on the first 10 years (2005–15) of one of these programs—“Beat”—implemented in Israeli kindergartens. We aim to characterize the development of the various stages of this program, and to describe its integration into kindergarten life. The data were collected from semi-structured interviews with 26 program participants over the years (kindergarten teachers, music teachers in kindergartens, musicians, etc.), as well as documents (concert programs, preparation booklets, etc.) from its collaborating bodies. The main findings show the importance and impact of the cooperation between kindergarten teachers and music teachers during the preparatory stages, making music a part of daily life in kindergarten.