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A bridge over the troubled water: The roles and functions of social workers in the divided world
International Social Work  (IF1.349),  Pub Date : 2021-06-28, DOI: 10.1177/00208728211019539
Patrick O’Leary, Ming-sum Tsui

Every morning, when we wake up, there is always sad news about dividedness, separation, and conflicts. Thousands of people lose their lives, families, and homes only because of differences that cannot be resolved. The dividedness exists not only between regions, religions, and race, but also between gender and generations, and also between social classes, ethnicities, and cultures. Furthermore, there is tension between globalization and de-globalization, between the nature and humanity. It seems that the dream for well-being, inter-dependence, and harmony is too far away to touch and reach. Human beings are social animals; we survive because we stay together and help one another. This is because of our love and care for those with whom we share a belonging. We can grow and develop because we play different roles and functions but respect one another. We can actualize our shared dreams because we come from different backgrounds but are pursuing the same ideal with universal values. Our humility to know we make mistakes but also can forgive is part of our resilience and survival.